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Hydro Jet Services in Miami

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Tired of plunging your drains to fix blockages and strange smells? Call in our hydro jet experts at AMB Septic Tank. Call today for details.

What is hydro jetting?

One of the best ways of clearing your pipes and drains, hydro jetting is a highly specialized process that uses high-pressure water to remove gunk, hair, sand, silt and even tree roots. It is powerful enough to get rid of years of accumulated build-up that has narrowed the insides of your pipes and restricted water flow.

To properly diagnose the blockage within your septic system, the experts at AMB Septic Tank feed cameras through the system to see where the issues are. Once detected, we bring out our equipment and get to work. What makes hydro jetting more effective than snaking is that we’re not limited to straight and narrow lines—the jets can easily handle corners, bends and junctions within the system. Want to learn more? Give us a call today!

Clearing blockages in a flash


Hydro Jet Service Miami
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Benefits of hydro jetting

There are several reasons why AMB Septic Tank swears by hydro jetting. For starters, the process is highly efficient, making it easy to clear clogs of any size and density in any kind of pipe. Also, hydro-jetting doesn’t require digging up your yard to access the pipe, meaning there is no mess to clean up afterwards. Another benefit is that there are no chemicals involved in the process, so it is extremely eco-friendly.

And finally, since hydro-jetting can easily dislodge years of compacted build-up within your pipes, it’s also able to get rid of contaminants and pathogens that may be coating the insides of your pipes. You can count on our team to simplify your pipe, septic system, and grease trap maintenance to avoid issues like slow water drainage or backflow. Call us today to book a visit.

Cleaner, safer pipes


Hydro Jet Service Hollywood

Anywhere, anytime septic cleaning services

For septic system issues in South Florida, the experts at AMB Septic Tank are here to save the day! Call us anytime.

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